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A Quick Guide to Coffee Etiquette

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A Quick Guide to Coffee Etiquette 

Are you enjoying your coffee at the moment? Is the freshly brewed coffee too hot and you are trying hard to cool it? Are you habitually taking mouthfuls of coffee with your coffee spoon? Is it a mouthful of dim sum with the left hand and a mouthful of coffee with the right hand? You may often drink coffee, but do you know the etiquette of drinking coffee? Coffee culture has been gradually integrated into people's lives, as a leisure time of a pleasant drink. So it is important to know the right coffee etiquette so that you would not feel embarrassed in a serious business meeting.



Taking a Coffee Cup

Coffee served after a meal is usually served in a small cup. These cups have Small Cup ears and can not be passed through the fingers. But even if you use bigger cup, also do not use the finger to pass through the cup ear to carry the cup. The correct way to hold a coffee cup is to hold the cup handle between thumb and forefinger and then take the coffee cup.



Adding Sugar to Coffee

When adding sugar to coffee, sugar can be scooped up with a coffee spoon, directly into the coffee cup; also can first use the sugar clip to put sugar cubes clip in the side of the coffee saucer, and then use the coffee spoon to add sugar square in the cup. If you put sugar cubes directly into a cup by hand, it can sometimes spill out and stain clothes or tablecloths.



A Quick Guide to Coffee Etiquette

Using a Coffee Spoon

The coffee spoon is specially designed to stir the coffee. When drinking coffee, you should take the coffee spoon out. Do not drink coffee with coffee spoon anymore nor use the coffee spoon to pound the sugar cubes.


Drinking Hot Coffee

Drink your coffee while it's hot. If it's too hot, gently stir it with a spoon to cool it down, or wait for it to cool down before drinking. If you try to blow on the coffee, remember that this is an unladylike gesture.


Generally speaking, you only need to take the coffee cup when drinking coffee. It would be rude to pick up a plate or hold a cup of coffee. Unless there is no table to support, otherwise you can hold the saucer with your left hand, hold coffee cup ear with your right hand. Also you should also note that the coffee cup can not be full grasp. You should also not lower your head to drink coffee or lift the coffee cup from the saucer when refilling coffee.


A Quick Guide to Coffee Etiquette


Drinking Coffee and Eating Dim Sum

When drinking coffee, you can also eat some dim sum. But do not hold coffee cup in one hand and. Instead, put down your dim sum while drinking coffee, likewise put down your coffee cup while eating dim sum.


Even if its your first time to drink coffee in the business meeting, hope you would feel relaxed after reading all the tips above.

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