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Can We Use Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle to Drink Tea?

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Can We Use Vacuum Cup to Drink Tea?

No matter spring, summer, autumn or winter, many people like to use a vacuum cup to make tea, which can keep heat and be convenient to carry. However, a recent article titled "use a vacuum cup to brew tea, easy to release heavy metals, can cause chronic poisoning" has caused many people to dare not use a vacuum cup to drink tea. But these articles are not to be taken easily, so can we drink tea with a vacuum cup?


In order to verify whether the article is true, we designed the following experiment. During the experiment, the inspectors took as samples 9 tea cups with different materials and 3 tea filters with different materials. The tea cups were made of stainless steel, plastic, glass, ceramic and disposable paper cups, among which 7 were thermos cups. The tea filters were made of stainless steel, ceramic and silica gel.


Can We Use Vacuum Cup to Drink Tea?

Step 1: Weigh 3 grams of tea leaves respectively, put them into each cup and tea strainer, add the same amount of boiling water to soak.


Step 2: After the tea is brewed for 60 minutes, the tea is filtered out and directly poured into the test tube. The contents of lead, arsenic, cadmium and chromium in the tea are determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer.


According to the test results, the amount of lead, total arsenic, chromium and cadmium in tea water in 3 kinds of tea filters and 9 kinds of tea cups with different materials is relatively low. With 3 cups of tea strainer and 3, compared with several other detection quantity is slightly higher, ask makes people learned that after 3 tea cups and 3 for years longer, due to the heavy metals in the water and tea itself contains, time is long, may lead to long-term accumulation of heavy metals on the surface in the process of making tea with tea dissolution. The cups and tea strainers were safe and reliable.


"The conclusion is that heavy metals do not precipitate in a vacuum cup under normal conditions, and even if they do, they are very small and safe to drink." The official said.

Although the study concluded that there are no heavy metals in vacuum cups, there are still some drawbacks.


Tea leaves can be less effective if brewed in a vacuum cup. Tea is rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, is a natural health drink, which contains caffeine, tannin, tea pigment, and has a variety of pharmacological effects, long time balance the high temperature makes tea efficacy reduced.


Can We Use Vacuum Cup to Drink Tea?

If you use a vacuum cup to make tea will increase the bitter taste of it. Tea leaves are soaked in hot water for a long time, as if they were cooked over a warm fire.  Tannin and other substances will be a lot of leach, tea color thick, bitter taste.

So to sum up, we can use a vacuum cup to drink tea, but we want to drink a cup of hot, healthy tea , it is better to not use vacuum cup.

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