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Why personalized gymnastics water bottle release the symptom of cheilitis?

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 7 Essentials for Cheilitis 

If you have cheilitis, you need to pay attention to the care of your lips at all times. Whether at home, in the office, or out, you need to prepare some items to easily handle the care of your lips anytime and anywhere. I tried many items, and finally found something suitable for myself. So here are my recommendations for cheilitis.




The most important thing to pay attention to in daily life is that you can't touch your lips when you eat and drink water. A straw is indispensable. You can buy some thin straws for drinking water at ordinary times. If you want to drink soup, there are special straws which are available on the internet. Before sucking the hot soup, wait until it cool down. Then the soup can be sucked into your mouth with straws.

Nowadays, there are many types of straws online, straight, elbow, thick, and all have independent packaging which is convenient and sanitary. jeffree star also have launched his own brand straws. I highly recommend to buy stainless less straws for different use.



Straw Cup

After finding out the allergy to spices, I consciously stayed away from all kinds of drinks and only drink pure water. I always carry the water cup with me. I also tried several different kinds of straw cups. I suggest to buy a straw cup with soft and thin straw.



Pure Water Cotton Wipes

In addition to washing hands before and after meals, there is another thing is to wipe your mouth. Commonly used face towel paper will generally have whitening agent or a variety of fragrances, also can not avoid dropping paper debris, stimulate your lips.

I use pure water cotton wipe from the cotton era. When I finish my meal or need cleaning, I can wipe them directly. When I going out pick up a few slices and put them in my bag, they can replace paper towels and wet towels.



Lip Balm

I now use olive oil, pure natural, more than any lipstick. I have written about the topic of lipstick before. Interested friends can see here. How do cheilitis patients choose lipstick?



Ceramic Scissors

Drinking water and soup can be solved by straws, but not with vegetables or noodles or large pieces of meat. It is difficult to eat directly without touching the mouth. So now I have small ceramic scissors in my bag. When I meet some inedible dishes, I cut a few times to get it done. You can search for ceramic scissors or baby food scissors online.



Small Mirror

Girls usually carry it with them. For the patients with lip inflammation, it's not for beauty. It's mainly to observe whether the lips are red or swollen at any time. The symptoms are serious. Especially after eating, if the symptoms are aggravated, we need to pay attention to whether we have eaten stimulation stuff.



Sunshade Umbrella

One of the misconceptions of patients with cheilitis is wearing masks. They think masks can protect their lips and sunscreen. But in fact, this habit can only aggravate the condition, because masks often touch their lips, which is very harmful to the recovery of the disease. Therefore, when you go out in summer, you must remember to take an umbrella. It's better to buy a professional UV-proof sunshade umbrella.


Hope all these items can help you recover from cheilitis.

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